Guntis Ravis is the President and Chairman of the Board of SIA “Skonto Būve”, a successful contractor, leaders in construction sector and the owner or co-owner of more than 40 companies in construction, building material production and other sectors. He is also known as a patron of culture and sport.

Guntis Ravis has been running the company “Skonto Būve” since 1995 and has made it the leading construction company in the country during this time.

Under the guidance of Guntis Ravis the company “Skonto Būve” has constructed several objects of national significance, for example, the National Library of Latvia, administrative building complex of the Ministry of the Interior’s structural units, Southern Bridge and its access roads, reconstruction and restoration of the Bank of Latvia, construction of crude oil and diesel fuel reservoirs, construction of several multi-storied apartment building complexes, restoration of the Nativity of Christ Cathedral’s facade, the gilding of its bell and central dome, etc.

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