Skonto Būve – branch reputation leader


This year Skonto Būve has taken 1st place in the Reputation Top of Latvian Enterprises created by the newspaper Diena and public relations agency Nords Porter Novelli in the field of construction and real estate, but in total – 89th place.

Both the evaluation of entrepreneurs and the population of Skonto Būve activities was high – awarding the first place among construction branch enterprises.

This is already the second year that Skonto Būve has been acknowledged as the branch reputation leader in the Reputation Top.

The international conference Rehabilitation of Gudrona Ponds, organised by Skonto Būve, has taken place


In order to learn more about the Gudrona Ponds rehabilitation works and applied technologies performed by Skonto Būve, specialists from nine countries came to Latvia for the international conference Rehabilitation of Gudrona Ponds. The Gudrona Ponds rehabilitation in Inčukalns was taken as an example for observation during the conference.

During the international conference the specialists from Skonto Būve and German enterprise MUEG delivered presentations on the rehabilitation process of Gudrona Ponds, discussing the Gudrona purification possibilities and applied technologies. The participants had an opportunity to go to Inčukalns and see Gudrona Ponds for themselves.

Specialists from 9 countries took part in the conference – Germany, Spain, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Great Britain, Romania, Croatia and other countries with a similar problem.

The President thanks the supporters of the Big Cleanup


Riga Castle: Andris Bērziņš, President of Latvia and patron of the Big Cleanup, thanked the organizers, sponsors and participants of the Big Cleanup for their activity and enthusiasm, and encouraged them to continue with the “green” thinking. For the last five years, participants of the Big Cleanup have made Latvia a cleaner country.

Evaluating the results of the Big Cleanup, Andris Bērziņš expressed great joy about the large number of people, who participated in this year’s Big Cleanup. Mr. Bērziņš also expressed the hope that in five years there will be no need to collect other people’s waste, which would, however, raise new challenges for the organizers of the Big Cleanup since they would have to find new ways to make Latvia a cleaner and more beautiful country.

This year, the Big Cleanup had a record number of participants: 210.000. The Big Cleanup movement and environmental clean-up campaign was organized in Latvia for the fifth time. This event invites people to participate in disposing waste and improving their homeland.

PHOTO: Chancery of the President of Latvia

Guntis Rāvis participates in the Big Clean-up Day together with the President of Latvia


During the Big Clean-up Day, the President of Latvia and patron of the Big Clean-up Day Andris Bērziņš and one of the biggest financial supporters of the Big Clean-up Day, Skonto Būve’s owner and Chairman of the Board Guntis Rāvis, both worked on securing the dunes in the Slow Mile (Gausā jūdze) between Jaunķemeri and Lapmežciems. Securing walls were made out of osiers in order to strengthen the coast and ensure that natural disasters, especially strong gusts of wind, wouldn’t erode the seashore.

Andris Bērziņš, President of Latvia: “For the fifth time already, Latvians of all ages are gathering for the Big Clean-up Day. The cleanup, as a coming together to work in one’s own or a neighbour’s yard has a long tradition in Latvia and people used to put great pride in this activity. Therefore, I wish that the spirit and will of the Great Cleanup won’t fade together with the things we have done today. May this day remind us to take care of our beautiful country and be responsible for keeping itclean.”

Guntis Rāvis, Chairman of the Board of Skonto Būve: “It is with great pleasure that Skonto Būve supports the Big Clean-up Day for the second year. This is one of the events where we would like to set an example and encourage people to treat the environment responsibly. Supporting the Big Clean-up Day is one of the ways that helps us strengthen the ongoing improvement of the environment and education of society.”

The tradition of the Big Clean-up Day began with a major cleanup on 13 September 2008, as part of the events honouring the 90thanniversary of Latvia.The purpose of the Big Clean-up Day is to make Latvia the cleanestand “greenest” country in the world.

Skonto Būve begins construction of a new tram line in Liepaja


The official opening of LiepajaTram Line Extension or Construction Project was attended by the Mayor of Liepaja Uldis Sesks, Chairman of the Board of Skonto Būve Guntis Rāvis, Board member of Liepājas tramvajs Aigars Puks and others.

The constructionof a new tram line in Liepaja is an important step in the development of public transport in Liepaja, since it is the first city in Latvia to build a new tram line after the country has regained its independence. The tram line will go along Tukuma Street from Klaipēdas Street to Ventas Street and will end with a circle in Slapjā Street.

UldisSesks, Mayor of Liepaja: “With this project we will finally fulfil the dream we have cherished since 1986, when the City Executive Committee, as it was called during the Soviet times, decided on the construction of a tram line to the Ezerkrasts residential area, which is the largest one in the city. The project will also allow us to improve the existing tram line links, so that every citizen of Liepaja will benefit from this. I believe that both our children and grandchildren will still be able to enjoy the results of this project!”

Guntis Rāvis,Chairman of the Board of Skonto Būve: “Skonto Būve obtained the right to construct the Liepaja Tram Line Extension after participating in a competition. For the convenience of the citizens of Liepaja, we will build the new tram line of 1.8 km in a relatively short period of time, only six months. This will be the first newly build tram line since Latvia has regained its independence, and Skonto Būve is proud to implement a project that has been planned for decades.”

As an introduction to the event,an exhibition of old photographs depicting Liepaja Tram Line’s construction and development from its beginnings to the present day was opened in the Liepaja City Council. The photographs were provided from the collection of Juris Raķis.