The Construction of the First Three Residential Buildings at the Ulbrokas iela Complex has been Completed



The first construction stage of the municipality residential building complex, implemented by "Skonto Būve" Ltd at Ulbrokas iela13, in Pļavnieki, has been completed and the first three twelve-storey residential buildings have been commissioned.

480 apartments are located in the buildings with a total residential space of more than 31 thousand square meters. Next to the buildings a fully facilitated yard is located as well, with benches and children’s playground. Already by the end of January the construction of multi-storey car park with 685 parking spaces will be also have been completed.

“Skonto Būve” Ltd receives certificate of gratitude from the Gymnastics Federation of Latvia


“Skonto Būve” Ltd has received a certificate of gratitude from the Gymnastics Federation of Latvia for the support provided in organising the Olympic Cup Riga 2010, an international rhythmic gymnastics competition.

“We are grateful to also be able to host an international contest of this kind in Riga and Latvia, as it is a large and significant event and an important contribution to the popularisation and development of rhythmic gymnastics,” says Vera Lobanova, Secretary General of the Gymnastics Federation of Latvia.

“Skonto Būve” Ltd. has been supporting the Gymnastics Federation of Latvia since 1997.

The Riga Rooster Christmas Tree Receives a Letter of Appreciation from Riga City Council


SIA “Skonto Būve” has received a Letter of Appreciation from Riga City Council for its investment in the aesthetical improvement of Riga’s urban environment and for the involvement in the project “Riga’s Christmas Path”, enriching the festive mood in the city with one of the most splendid Christmas and New Year’s decorations – the Riga Rooster Christmas Tree.

The project “Riga’s Christmas Path” by Education, Culture and Sports Committee of Riga City Council was created with a goal to address the companies, institutions and enterprises in Latvia, that are willing to present the capital city, its residents and visitors a special holiday mood.

To complement the urban environment and its design objects and to promote Riga as a creative and innovative city – the homeland of the Christmas tree – SIA “Skonto Būve” in the alley at Brīvības iela alongside the Cabinet of Ministersplanted the Riga Rooster Christmas Tree.

“Skonto Būve” has been involved in establishing the Latvian Sustainable Construction Council



The goal of the Latvian Sustainable Construction Council (LSCC),established on 26 November, is to develop the criteria for the future construction model in Latvia as soon as possible and to provide professional and objective assessment of the urban environment and the newly constructed buildings.

The main task of LSCC activity is to establish a scientifically and methodologically based “criteria bank” – criteria that characterize various aspects of sustainable construction, according to which the buildings could be designed, constructed and assessed.  The basis of the criteria development is the widely used, approved and prestigious British Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM) recognized globally and in Europe.

On the First Day of Advent “Skonto Būve” Ltd. Lights the Christmas Tree of Riga’s Rooster



Decorating the top of the Christmas tree with one of the brightest symbols of Riga city – the Rooster “Skonto Būve” Ltd lit up the Christmas tree of Riga’s Rooster in the alley at Brīvības iela alongside the Cabinet of Ministers. By doing this “Skonto Būve” Ltd., which is presenting the city with its Christmas tree for the third year running, has decided to establish a new tradition for the holiday setting in Riga. The Christmas tree of Riga’s Rooster will delight the residents of Riga and all visitors to the city until mid-January.