Pauls Stradins Clinical University Hospital’s new building is becoming increasingly brighter – the general partnership SBRE has partially finished the installation of the atrium glass frame, which connects separate wards. In addition, in November another symbolic and very important step of the project was completed - a temporary heating system was installed for two of the hospital’s wards in November. This means that the new ward will be provided with heating during the coldest period of the year, so that the planned interior works may be finished.

Currently, partial assembly of the atrium glass frame and shielding has been completed. Assembly of the outer wall panels for three blocks of the new building has almost been completed as well, work on the ventilated façade construction has been started. Landscaping work will continue until the start of the winter period, and will be finished after the winter break. Currently, construction of roofs, the loading and the emergency ramp, the outer layers of the green atrium cover is being carried out in the object.

SBRE finished the assembly of the new building’s composite roof structure at the beginning of November. Currently, concreting of the covering in the tower section of the building continues.

As noted by the SBRE project manager Valdis Koks, active construction works are currently being carried out in all sections of the construction project. “After completion of the building’s framework construction, we set up heating in the first and second section of the new building, in order to carry out the interior works. Both external and internal communications are now being installed in all sections of the building, and all the planned construction works are going according to schedule,” tells V. Koks.

It is planned to build several connections from the new building to the existing wards of the hospital, therefore currently construction works on underground corridors and elevator towers are being carried out.

The general contractor of the construction continues to increase the number of employees working on the construction site. In November, more than 300 employees were employed on the construction site.

Photographer: G.Ivuskans