The flags of Liepāja were flying for the opening of a new tramline from Klaipēdas street up to the end of Mirdzas Ķempes street. The construction was carried out by Skonto Būve.

The new tramline is a branch of the existing 3.6 km long line up to the residential area of Ezerkrasts. The extension of this tramline is unique in its technical form – one of the most advanced noise isolation technologies in Europe has been implemented along the whole tramline – noise absorption material is placed between the rails and concrete plates.

There are also new water supply, sewerage and rain water collection, heat supply and illumination systems. Reconstruction of the public roads or road sections crossing the tramline and the city illumination has been carried out, new pavements, cycle paths and public transport stops have been developed, with green areas facilitated and traffic lights set up. The tram terminal and the public transport bus station has been constructed as well as a building for the needs of tram and bus drivers with a WC, lounge and a dispatcher station.