This is the fifth consecutive season that Skonto Būve lights a Christmas tree – folk style Riga Roster’s Fir Tree in front of the Cabinet of Ministers on the corner of Brivibas Boulevard. The tree is decorated with 10 000 electric light bulbs and 800 ornamental balls.   

Riga Roster’s Fir Treeis a folk style Christmas tree in the centre of Riga. It is 12 meters high, and 5 meters in diameter. It was decorated with 800 red ornamental balls and 10 000 electric light bulbs with a total coverage of 43 square meters.

Following last year’s tradition, the Christmas tree is decorated in Latvian folk style spirit; this year a winding wave’s ornament is used as a motive. This is one of the oldest Latvian graphical signs, and one of the basic elements of the geometrical ornament. The ancient motive, which was used when decorating household items and clothes, has now been brought into the Christmas tree design, and till the end of the festival will bring warmth to all hearts.