In the season opening festival of the hockey club “Dinamo Riga” the team was awarded a puck - one and a half metres in diameter - worth 200 thousand lats. The puck is a present for the team “Dinamo Riga” from its main sponsor “Skonto Būve” which presented the puck as a symbolic donation cheque by expressing support and wishing success for the new season.Ballerinas of the Latvian National Ballet were invited to help in the presentation of the puck.

“This is perhaps the most valuable puck in the history of “Dinamo Riga” and it is a contribution of “Skonto Būve” to make the new season especially successful for the team. We are together with the team “Dinamo” for the fifth season already and there have been both very successful and not so successful seasons, but the team has proved itself to be a team of fighters. And therefore we have special satisfaction because “Dinamo” is a source of inspiration for young sportsmen, which raises our national pride and confidence. I would like to wish that this season all the pucks for the team are as noticeable as the puck presented by “Skonto Būve” and none of them be let in the goal of our team!” wished Chairman of the Board of “Skonto Būve” Guntis Ravis (Guntis Rāvis) when presenting the puck.

Traditionally, the 200 thousand euro cheque has been invested in developing the contribution of “Dinamo” of “Skonto Būve” and strengthening the national pride of Latvia for the fifth season already.