This is the fourth year during which Guntis Rāvis, the manager of SIA Skonto Būve, has decided on his private initiative to support new students of the Latvian Academy of Art (LMA) by granting scholarships named after the famous painter Boris Bērziņš. In 2012/2013, the scholarship will be granted to three Latvian Academy of Art students: Kristīne Graudule, Sigita Lūse and Māra Brīvere.

This year’s meeting with the patron G. Rāvis was attended not only by the winners of this year’s competition, but also by scholarship holders of previous years and the Head of the Latvian Academy of Arts, Prof. Aleksejs Naumovs, the Head of the LMA Drawing Department, Prof. Edvīns Kalnenieks, and Lecturer of the LMA Drawing Department, Dace Lielā.

The Boris Bērziņš scholarship encourages students to focus on drawing and promotes the development of visual arts in Latvia.