The 1st part of the construction of building A of the VSIA “Pauls Stradins Clinical

University Hospital” started in spring 2013. At the moment construction of the elements securing soil in place has been finished. 90% of the building of the foundation plate has been finished, including a preparatory layer, horizontal hydro-isolation and a protective layer. 80% of constructing the covering has been done, including walls, columns and vertical hydro-isolation. Assembly of the technical sewerage system within the power generating unit plate is under way.

The near future will see the taking out of the middle pressure gas pipe, assembly of inner courtyard networks, as well as assembly of the rain sewerage collector and inner engineering networks.

The contracting authority of the project is VSIA “Pauls Stradins Clinical

University Hospital”; the designer is SIA “Sarma & Norde” and the constructor is the open business venture “SBRE”.