On Friday, 1 July with a parade of antique cars and cutting of the symbolic red ribbon the reconstructed CSDD (Road Traffic Safety Directorate) Riga Motor Museum (RMM) was opened. The museum has undergone large-scale reconstruction, and now the largest and most up-to-date museum of historic vehicles in the Baltics is open to visitors.

After extensive reconstruction of the museum, its premises have been fully transformed in accordance with modern requirements, acquiring more spacious and more qualitative premises for the exhibition, a facilitated and pleasant environment and easy accessibility for any visitor. The museum exhibition creates an exciting and interactive story about the unique vehicles, the remarkable personalities and the most significant events in the history of vehicles and mankind. The exhibition is housed on three floors in an area of more than 4000 square metres and currently more than 100 unique cars, motorcycles and bicycles are displayed in it.

Reconstruction of the museum building has been implemented by the office of architects SIA Arhis Arhitekti and by constructor SIA Skonto Būve, but the exhibition design has been created by SIA H2E.

Riga Motor Museum was opened in 1989, but in 2016 reconstruction of the building was completed.