By 1 December this year, significant restoration work has already been carried out in the Grand Gallery of Rundale Palace using the donation granted by Skonto Būve. Rundale Palace is the greatest Baroque and Rococo art monument in Latvia.

The western wall of the room has undergone artistic restoration of three painted bays and three decorative areas. The restoration of a gravely damaged painting in the third bay has begun. The southern wall has undergone restoration of the painted areas on the eastern and western sides of the door. On the eastern wall, restoration works have been carried out in the first and second window boxes, reinforcing the layers of paint and primer and partially retouching the painting.

More complex artistic retouching work was done by three certified monumental painting restorers from the IRU (individual restoration company) Rokajs. These restorers have extensive experience in restoring ceiling domes and wall paintings in the most luxurious halls and rooms of Rundale Palace. For educational purposes, five of the best students of the Latvian Academy of Arts Faculty of Restoration (according to their teachers’ assessment) were also involved in the restoration of the Grand Gallery monumental paintings, with the approval of the administration of the Rundale Palace Museum.

Restoration of the third bay painting with elements of reconstruction is still to be completed by 1 June 2012, as is the restoration of paintings of two window boxes in the eastern wall.

During the second construction period of the Palace, the Grand Gallery was made from five small rooms into a 30 m long dining room connecting the White Hall and the Golden Hall.


Full version of the acknowledgment: For the contribution of SIA Skonto Būve in the renovation of Rundāle Palace