As part of the further development of the “Centrus” block and part 2 of the project, “Skonto Būve” has begun the construction of two 6-storey apartment buildings.

“Centrus” is a well-developed, beautiful, detached and high-quality area under development in the very heart of Riga. It is situated in the most active part of Riga in the block of buildings surrounded by Tērbatas, Dzirnavu, Blaumaņa and Krišjāņa Barona streets.

The first part of the construction of “Centrus” will begin in summer 2014, and it will be the construction of two 6-storey buildings which will house 84 apartments and commercial space on the ground floors of both buildings.

In addition to a peaceful and private living environment, a comfortable public area is also being created. A pedestrian promenade will connect Dzirnavu and Blaumaņa streets, thus creating an inner courtyard space which will house cafés, shops and well-equipped relaxation spots all adding to the block’s own special atmosphere and the life inside of it.