The construction company LLC Skonto Būve, upon implementing its long-term growth and operation expansion plans, has set up a Council of the company that will purposefully complement the strategic management structure of the company. The Chairman of the Council is Guntis Rāvis, who is also one of the shareholders of LLC Skonto Būve.

The Council will be formed of the Chairman of the Council Guntis Rāvis and Council Members Ivars Millers and Rihards Rāvis. In turn, the employees of LLC Skonto Būve Juris Pētersons and Dmitrijs Soldatenko have been appointed to the Board of the company and a position of Director is created that will be held by Andris Pureklis.

"Implementing the further development strategy of Skonto Būve required improvement of the company administration as well, therefore the formation of the Council is a purposeful and logical stage of development of the company. The Council will be responsible for the strategic development work, but the Board of Skonto Būve will supervise and manage the daily work of the company as well as will continue developing and implementing plans that will ensure further growth," explains Guntis Rāvis, Chairman of the Council of LLC Skonto Būve.

30th March, 2016