At the end of March of this year, SIA Skonto Būve will finish the works in the object “Detention Centre for Foreigners”, during which two buildings, which were built in the 70s, were reconstructed in Mucenieki. In one of the buildings, it is planned to accommodate families with children and the other building, the capacity of which is around 80 people, will have premises for asylum seekers, medical unit, examination rooms, interview rooms in the 1stfloor and work cabinets of the staff in the 2ndfloor.

During implementation of the project, the foundations of the buildings were reinforced and the old brick walls were renovated, as well as the solid-cast reinforced concrete coverings were built.

During the construction, the buildings have gained a new, more attractive appearance and the interior was renovated so that it would be comfortable and cosy.

The customer of the object is the Provision State Agency.