A new company Heimdal Skonto Latvia has opened in Ventspils which is a joint venture of the Norwegian Heimdal Group and Skonto Būve; it is a production unit of module houses. The unit is built according to a special design and its production is then exported to Scandinavian countries.  The first consignment was shipped to Norway where the joint venture Heimdal Skonto Latvia is operating as a general contractor.

The most recent and up-to-date technologies are used in the production of Heimdal Skonto Latvia house modules. The houses have ready-built premises with utilities, interior decoration, plumbing and furniture. The finished modules are transported to the construction site where they are erected as multi-storey buildings, such as residential buildings and hotels. Furniture, ironworks and windows manufactured in Latvia are often used in the construction of these structures. Therefore, in addition to new work opportunities being created by the opening of this production unit, it also helps in promoting the development of other manufacturers in Latvia.

Heimdal Skonto Latvia Ltd. is fully owned by the Norwegian holding company Heimdal Skonto Norway, which is a joint venture of the Latvian company Skonto Būve Ltd. and the Norwegian Heimdal Group.