One of the leading Skonto Būve project managers Egils Klēbergs has claimed third place in the nomination for the Best Project Manager 2013.

E. Klēbergs’ considerable experience in the construction industry has guaranteed the successful implementation of even the most difficult projects. The Best Construction Engineer in Latvia competition took account of both E. Klēbergs’ 27-year experience in the construction industry, 18 of which have been spent among Skonto Būve professionals, and projects implemented by him last year.

In 2013, the largest liquid crystal display factory in Europe was built in Ventspils under the guidance of E. Klēbergs. Taking into consideration that the factory produces high technology products, the “clean room” area of 1,800 square metres, which is almost half of the total area of the factory, was built in the factory.

Kado Karim exclusive apartment buildings in Jūrmala, also built under the guidance of E. Klēbergs, are in turn the only global project in Latvia where the smart city concept has been applied in Eastern Europe.

The Best Construction Engineer in Latvia competition is an event organised by the journal Latvijas Būvniecība together with the professional construction associations and it has taken place for the sixth time already.