For Skonto Būve, the Year 2015 in the domain of construction was hard but nevertheless - fertile. It was also recognised within the framework of the contest “Latvian Construction Awards 2015” organised by the magazines “Latvijas Būvniecība” and “Latvijas Architektūra” that awarded Skonto Būve 3 prizes for objects that it has built and reconstructed throughout the year, as well as an award to the project manager of Skonto Būve.

In the nomination “New engineer building” 1st place was awarded to “Station “Bolderāja 2” with the Connecting Road to the Russian Island”.

“This is undoubtedly one of the widest transport infrastructure projects in Latvia as well as in the entire Baltic states, and Skonto Būve is glad for the opportunity to take part in it and to invest in the development of a modern city. I am proud that Skonto Būve, together with its partners, has succeeded in this,” explains Guntis Ravis, the Head of the Board of the limited company “Skonto Būve”.

Project manager Dmitrijs Soldatenko.

In the nomination “New building – public premises” 2nd place was awarded to the object “Riga Motor Museum with the outbuilding of the Road Traffic Safety Directory’s client centre”.

Project manager Modris Seļakovs, the responsible construction work manager Raimonds Breide.

Meanwhile, the object “Riga Castle” received the main award GRAND PRIX.

The manager of the Riga Castle project Egils Klebergs and the responsible construction work manager Edgars Sivickis also received a certificate of recognition.

In the nomination “Project Manager of the Year 2015” 2nd place was awarded to Dmitrijs Soldatenko.