An event „Businessman of the Tukums municipality 2016” took place on 7 October 2016, at the conclusion of the Business Week, during which the most successful businessmen of the municipality are awarded each year. An award "Most Successful Businessman of the Year" was received by Skonto Būve, while the company SIA Skonto Plan was honoured with a nomination “Most Generous RIT Payer of the Year". SIA Skonto Plan also received an award "Most Generous Supporter of Youth”.

Tukums for the Skonto Group is a significant place for business development as it is a home of production plants of two successful companies of the Group - "Skonto Plan" and "Forta Medical", which are constantly being developed, thus creating new jobs in Tukums. Already next year, 1.5 million EUR will be invested in improvement of the "Skonto Plan" production plant.