Skonto Būve on its 21st anniversary received the main prize - GRAND PRIX in competition "Latvian Construction Award 2015" for the reconstruction of Riga Castle that was organized by magazines "Latvijas Būvniecība" and "Latvijas Architektūra".

Premises with an area of almost 10,000 m2 have been reconstructed, providing not only restoration of the building, but also of all artistic and functional elements. Renovation of load-bearing structures and strengthening of the foundation and structures has been performed, as well as renovation of furniture, paintings, chandeliers, wall and ceiling paintings, and interior finish has been completed in all parts of the castle. Many interior elements have obtained an unseen brilliance and splendor.Builders and restorers have done magnificent work that was highly assessed by the jury.

This year 95 objects in 10 categories were submitted, of which 7 objects were built and reconstructed by Skonto Buve.

Award ceremony took place on March 10th in the House of Culture “Ziemeļblāzma”.
Mission  of "Latvian Construction Award 2015” is to promote safe, innovative, high quality and aesthetic buildings and structures that are created in territory Latvia or outside it, where the implementation of the project is the responsibility of Latvian citizens - builders, designers, design manufacturers, etc.