The Project “Treatment of a Historically Contaminated Location – Liepaja Port Karosta Canal” will be implemented by the collective partnership SB & B, a union of the Latvian company Skonto Būve and the Dutch Boskalis International B.V.. The Project will be implemented with the assistance of the EUCohesion Fund, and its total amount is LVL 12 099 900. 68 including VAT.

Uldis Sesks, Chairman of Liepaja City Council and the Board of Liepaja Special Economic Zone: “The lasting presence of a military base and the pollution that the Soviet army left behind upon leaving has turned Karosta Canal into one of the most contaminated places in Latvia. However, the agreement that has been signed will soon make this history – canal treatment will not only avert the potential ecological dangers that are increasing every year, but also improve the quality of life of people living in the Karosta area.”

Juris Pētersons, Project Manager of Skonto Būve: “We have gathered a team of experienced professionals, and won the tender by preparing the most competitive offer and proposing the lowest costs to the customer. I am certain that the successful implementation of the rehabilitation works will once again demonstrate the motto of our company – “with responsibility for the environment”. The scope of work is substantial, and the project results will both be appreciated by people residing in Liepaja and city guests.”

The Project provides the treatment of the Karosta Canal bed by gathering the polluted sediments and depositing them in a previously established area in the east end of Karosta Canal. Upon implementation of this Project, pollution in Karosta Canal will be eliminated in a total area of 780 000 m2, and the quality of the environment in Liepaja port will be improved. The Project will also have a general positive effect on the Baltic Sea – the risk of its pollution will be reduced.

The agreement has been signed by Guntars Krieviņš, Head of the Liepaja Special Economic Zone, Mattijs Siebinga, Director of Boskalis International B.V. on behalf of the collective partnership SB&B, and Juris Pētersons, Project Manager of Skonto Būve.