To renew the population of Brown Trout in Latvia the project “The Return of a Million Trout”, initiated by “Skonto Būve”, continues this year.

Since 2011 when “Skonto Būve” launched its project “The Return of a Million Trout”, the rivers of Latvia have already been replenished with 750 thousand Brown Trout fry. Within four years of the above mentioned project, a million Brown Trout fry will be stocked in the rivers of Latvia.

Participating in the first of the year’s release of Brown Trout fry in the river Mergupe, Guntis Rāvis, the initiator of the project and Chairman of the Board of “Skonto Būve”, appealed to the public for help in protecting the stocked Brown Trout fry. Thus we all could put our efforts in and make the idea of the project “The Return of a Million Brown Trout” come true, with the idea being to achieve the aim of Brown Trout becoming a common representative of fauna in the rivers of Latvia. G. Rāvis especially thanked all local authorities covering the basins of rivers involved in the project, society and environmental inspectors who provide the daily care of Brown Trout so that they can grow freely while surrounded by widely spread illegal and unfriendly fishing practises.

The godfather of the project and naturalist Māris Olte was pleased with the acclimatisation of the Brown Trout fry stocked during the first years of the project. As Māris Olte indicated, such a project and the resulting resonance with the public changes attitudes towards fish and the natural resources of Latvia in general.

Pursuant to the commission by “Skonto Būve” Brown Trout fry were bred by three Latvian hatcheries – “BIOR” hatchery “Tome”, SIA”Faps” and the farm “Sillakas”.