Continuing the development of the waterworks system projects in Riga, SIA Rīgas Ūdens, Riga City Council and Skonto Būve has signed a cooperation agreement for the construction of a water supply and sewerage system in Bolderājā.

The project involves the construction of a water-main and sewerage system of approximately 8 km covering 33 streets. The project will result in the connection of 290 buildings to the centralised water supply, thus “Skonto Būve” will provide an opportunity for 960 people to receive clean and high quality water.

After the official signing of the cooperation agreement, Riga Vice Mayor Andris Ameriks emphasised that the aim of the project is to make the city infrastructure accessible to all residents of Riga and to make the connection to the centralised water supply system available.

Dagnija Kalnina, Chair of “Rīgas Ūdens”, acknowledged that the previous experience of “Skonto Būve” in the construction of the water supply and sewerage system in the direction of Mārupe will also ensure quality and rapid progress of the project.

Maris Kvite, board member of “Skonto Būve”, expressed his satisfaction with the works and noted that the quality of the waterworks system also means environmental responsibility, which is one of the driving motives of “Skonto Būve”.