The Italian neo-Renaissance style building on Kr.Valdemāra Street 1B reconstructed and renovated by Ltd. “Skonto Būve” has been opened with new client service halls, customer service related departments and Statistical Bureau of the Bank of Latvia. The building is located in the historical center of Riga included in the UNESCO World Heritage list.

After 19 month of façade restoration and interior reconstruction and restoration building has recovered its historical and majestic splendor, and it all was done under the strong control of Skonto Buve project manager Modris Seļakovs.

After completing the restoration work, the interior looks more luxurious than ever, with restored polychrome paintings, historical gilding, bronze coatings and untraditionally thick parquet. A number of new lamps were manufactured based on historical models, and this is only a small part of all the work carried out.

In performing this work, Skonto Būve has managed not only to maintain the majestic splendor and historic atmosphere of the historic building, but at the same time has created a building that meets the most modern requirements for administrative buildings and the highest safety standards.