After two years of intensive work the greatest water management development project in Latvia, in Tukums has been completed, which included the construction of water supply and sewage networks with a length of 120 km. The total design and construction costs of the project reached 16.1 million lats, of which construction works in the amount of 13.9 million lats were performed by “Skonto Būve”.

In the framework of the project, total water-supply systems with a length of 59.7 km were constructed and reconstructed with supply to 1718 estates, as well as 60 km of sewage networks were constructed and reconstructed with supply to 1586 estates. 13 new sewage pumping plants were constructed which will ensure waste water pumping so that the waste water is purified in the town purification plants in Tile.

Chairman of Tukums Regional Council Juris Sulcs (Juris Šulcs): “This is an investment project of the widest scope in the field of water management, not only in Tukums, but also in the entire of Latvia! We are grateful to the general employer SIA “Skonto Būve”, as well as to subcontractors, building supervisors, project coordinators for such professional and high quality work. I hereby say “Thank you very much” on my behalf and on behalf of the residents of Tukums!”

Chairman of the Board of “Skonto Būve” Guntis Ravis (Guntis Rāvis): “It gives special satisfaction to work in the town where we established “Skonto Būve” almost twenty years ago, and where we have already opened several factories during these years. The implemented water management development project is the greatest one which has ever been developed; not only in Tukums, but also in the entire of Latvia, and this is confirmation of the development and further growth of the town.”