With a symbolic capsule immured into the foundations of the building on 6 November, the construction of Riga International Airport’s new terminal officially started. The capsule contained a message for the following generations, a badge dedicated to the 40th anniversary of the Airport, a special Euro coin, and the latest issue of the newspaper “Dienas Bizness”.

The Chairman of the Board of Skonto Būve, Guntis Rāvis said: “I am delighted about the opportunity that has been given to Skonto Būve – the national construction company – to carry out a project of such significance for the country. The knowledge and successful previous experience of our construction professionals, gained in airport development projects in both Latvia, and the recently concluded Trondheim Airport project in Norway, will be an important contribution to the development of the Riga International Airport as the leading airport in the Baltic States. I am glad that construction workers are now at the airport, not to go working abroad, but to improve Latvia’s “business card” and to contribute to the development of the country. The construction is being carried out according to plan and in the highest quality.”

As the Chairman of the Board of the Riga International Airport Aldis Mūrnieks stated, the first construction stage of this building is the beginning of a long process with an aim to strengthen the position of the Riga International Airport as the leading Baltic and northern European airport. The expansion of the terminal is a logical continuation of the 40 year long development of the Airport.

The first round of the Airport terminal development foresees the non-Schengen zone expansion and four new boarding sectors, thus improving the quality of the airport services. After completion, the new terminal building will be able to service larger aircrafts, increasing the airport’s capacity.

The construction works are being carried out by SIA Skonto Būve, construction supervision is provided by the general partnership Būvalts P.M.G, and thearchitects of the project are SIA Arhis Arhitekti.