The construction of both of the buildings in the Centrus quarter has reached a significant phase of the project - the Rafter Raising Ceremony was held at the beginning of March. Traditionally, the Rafter Raising Ceremony is held when a building has reached its tallest point, and the construction of it structure and roof is finished. As the construction works of the reinforced concrete framing and roof have concluded, the most important tasks in the nearest future are related to the interior design and construction of the facade. 

As we know, the construction of the Centrus quarter will conclude at the end of 2015 with the completion of two 7-story residential buildings. The Centrus quarteris being built as a facilitated, attractive, independent, and high-quality living space and business location in the very centre of Riga. It is located in the busy part of Riga, surrounded by Tērbatas, Dzirnavu, Blaumaņa, and Krišjāņa Barona streets.