As the New Year of 2014 approaches, “Skonto Būve” continues its tradition of previous years and sends Winter Holiday greetings to residents of Riga and all visitors, by presenting Riga Rooster’s Christmas tree, decorated in Latvian folk motifs. This year the visual design of the Christmas tree was inspired by ornaments of Lielvarde’s belt – the most typical and important example of Latvian lifestyle and the language of symbols. The belt represents wisdom, happiness and prosperity and this is what “Skonto Būve” wishes to all residents of Riga and its visitors.

Since 2008, “Skonto Būve” has presented a gorgeous Christmas tree as a holiday gift to Riga, its people and visitors, by placing it in the very centre of the capital – at the intersection of Elizabetes Street and Brivibas Boulevard.

Themes for Christmas tree decorations vary from year to year, but Riga’s Rooster on the top of the Christmas tree remains a constant value for the fourth season running, being the origin for the name of this fir tree – “Riga Rooster’s Christmas tree”.