"Skonto Būve" - supporter of the twenty-four hour basketball tournament


In order to promote the development of sports in Latvia, the biggest open air twenty-four hour basketball tournament “Krastu mačs” is organised every year within the framework of the Riga city celebrations with the support of Skonto Būve. Thanks to the support of Skonto Būve, the best NBA and Latvian slam dunk specialists demonstrated their skills in the slam dunk competition, including the NBA All Stars slam dunk competition champion Jeremy Evans from Utah Jazz and two-time NBA champion Shannon Brown.

Guntis Rāvis, the Chairman of the Board of Skonto Būve: “I am pleased that Skonto Būve has the opportunity to introduce world class basketball stars to Latvia in order to promote the development of sports. We have good sporting traditions; we have had our own world class basketball team. By inviting NBA stars to Latvia we hope to inspire our youth and professional athletes to new challenges and achievements.”

The twenty-four hour basketball tournament “Krastu mačs”, supported by Skonto Būve, is gathering participants from the right and left bank of the river Daugava. Each team is formed by professional athletes as well as sport enthusiasts, artists and politicians.

Skonto Būve – Supporter Of Youth Hockey


Skonto Būve has made a significant contribution to the development of youth hockey by donating EUR 200,000 to the hockey club Dinamo/Juniors – the farm team of the Continental Hockey League participants Dinamo Riga.

Following the success of Dinamo Riga in the first season of the Continental Hockey League, Skonto Būve was convinced that this project is not only exciting, but also sustainable and so it has decided to support the development of youth hockey. Guntis Rāvis has stated that the granted amount is only the first part of support and, depending on the success of the Dinamo team in the next season, the scope of support might be increased, including the main team as well.

It is a great example by a large enterprise to support sports, education, and other social areas. We highly value the position of Skonto Būve that leading companies should support sports and other activities.


Zigmunds Priede, General Director of Dinamo Riga

Skono Būve – Friend Of Latvian Gymnastics Federation


Guntis Rāvis has been supporting the Gymnastics Federation since 1997 and the gold by Igors Vihrovs in Sydney and silver by Jevģēņijs Saproņenko in Athens can be partially attributed to Skonto Būve.

Since 1997, it has been the funding of Skonto Būve that has been used for preparation for and participation in World and European Championships and the World Cup where we have won several medals.

It is more than obvious that without the help from Guntis, we would have been unable to purchase new gymnastics equipment certified by FIG. We are very pleased that Skonto Būve helps to ensure the international art gymnastics competition “Baltijas Aplis”, which took place for the 15th time this year.


Vera Lobanova, Latvian Gymnastics Federation