The policy of SIA “Skonto Būve” and their employees is to offer their clients a variety of high-quality services that are up to standards, in order to further secure the market share leadership position of SIA “Skonto Būve” in Latvia, whilst maintaining a leader position in the construction of infrastructure and engineering structures on a national scale, as well as expanding the business abroad.

In order to realise these principles the company’s policy is based on the following guidelines:

  • survey clients’ wishes and increase the quality of our services,
  • optimise construction work and minimise the costs of construction processes,
  • develop customer friendly pricing policies,
  • meet all requirements of the Republic of Latvia normative acts, including legislation regarding environmental, occupational health and workplace safety,
  • improve professional qualifications of the personnel and develop the personnel’s conscience of the environment and workplace safety at all levels in every workplace,
  • form close and mutually beneficial partnerships with suppliers and subcontractors,
  • improve the efficiency of the company’s integrated quality, environment, occupational health and workplace safety management system.

Considering the increasing requirements in environmental protection and workplace safety, SIA “Skonto Būve” has set one of its primary tasks to be the continuous improvement of the company’s environmental performance and workplace safety in order to minimise, as much as possible, potential risks and the company’s influence on the environment. In order to realise this principle the company’s policy is based on the following guidelines:

  • identify and reduce the potential environmental and workplace safety risks at the workplace and to surrounding residents,
  • develop necessary equipment exploitation rules and workplace safety instructions,
  • acquire and issue necessary individual protection aids, work clothes and safety devices, as well as timely test, repair and clean them,
  • perform mandatory medical check-ups on employees,
  • train employees in workplace safety,
  • use resources rationally,
  • dispose of waste according to the Republic of Latvia legislation.