Skonto Būve begins construction of a new tram line in Liepaja
Skonto Būve organised Ballet Celebration at the LNO
Andris Bērziņš, the President of Latvia, and construction company Skonto Būve choose the theme song of Big Clean-up Day
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Skonto Būve begins construction of a new tram line in Liepaja

The official opening of LiepajaTram Line Extension or Construction Project was attended by the Mayor of Liepaja Uldis Sesks, Chairman of the Board of Skonto Būve Guntis Rāvis, Board member of Liepājas tramvajs Aigars Puks and others.

The constructionof a new tram line in Liepaja is an important step in the development of public transport in Liepaja, since it is the first city in Latvia to build a new tram line after the country has regained its independence. The tram line will go along Tukuma Street from Klaipēdas Street to Ventas Street and will end with a circle in Slapjā Street.

UldisSesks, Mayor of Liepaja: “With this project we will finally fulfil the dream we have cherished since 1986, when the City Executive Committee, as it was called during the Soviet times, decided on the construction of a tram line to the Ezerkrasts residential area, which is the largest one in the city. The project will also allow us to improve the existing tram line links, so that every citizen of Liepaja will benefit from this. I believe that both our children and grandchildren will still be able to enjoy the results of this project!”

Guntis Rāvis,Chairman of the Board of Skonto Būve: “Skonto Būve obtained the right to construct the Liepaja Tram Line Extension after participating in a competition. For the convenience of the citizens of Liepaja, we will build the new tram line of 1.8 km in a relatively short period of time, only six months. This will be the first newly build tram line since Latvia has regained its independence, and Skonto Būve is proud to implement a project that has been planned for decades.”

As an introduction to the event,an exhibition of old photographs depicting Liepaja Tram Line’s construction and development from its beginnings to the present day was opened in the Liepaja City Council. The photographs were provided from the collection of Juris Raķis.

Skonto Būve organised Ballet Celebration at the LNO

The Ballet Celebration event, which was organised by the patron of the Latvian National Ballet - Skonto Būve, was held In Latvian National Opera. The visitors had an opportunity to get acquainted with the new Latvian National Ballet dancers - Alise Prudāne, Jolanta Lubēja, Ieva Rācene, Evelīna Godunova and Aleksandrs Osadčijs, as well as enjoy an exciting lecture of musicologist Mikus Čeže about the history of ballet in Latvia. 

Aivars Leimanis, Artistic Director of the LatvianNational Ballet: “Without the support of Skonto Būve  the Latvian National Ballet would not be able to hold many great events. Currently in our troupe we have nine ballerinas who can dance leading roles and this creates the necessity for new performances. The support of the Skonto Būve gives us a chance to create more and more interesting choreographies for our powerful troupe to express itself.” 

Andrejs Žagars,Director of the LatvianNational Opera: “At the moment, our LatvianNational Ballettroupe is at a professionally very high level, it can perform really complicated tasks, such as Bayadera of Ludwig Minkus, which is currently being staged. With the support of Skonto Būve, the LatvianNational Ballethas reached high standards and will do even more in future.” 

Guntis Rāvis, Skonto Būve Chairman of the Board: “The initiative to support the LatvianNational Ballettroupe has become a tradition and it will be continued. We build cities, but the artists and the culture bring them to life. Therefore, with great satisfaction, Skonto Būve helps the ballet troupe to grow professionally, stage new performances, goon tours and discover new Latvian ballet stars."

During the last years the LatvianNational Ballettroupe has been replenished by several young talented ballet artists and reached so high of an artistic level to stage a performance Bayadera for the first time in Latvian National Ballet’s history. This is the only one of the big classical ballets which so far had never been staged in Riga.

Andris Bērziņš, the President of Latvia, and construction company Skonto Būve choose the theme song of Big Clean-up Day

On Friday, March 23, Skonto Būve Ltd. together with the newly appointed patron of Lielā Talka (Big Clean-up Day), the President of Latvia, Andris Bērziņš, participated in the meeting of the Big Clean-up Day coordinators in the Great Hall of the University of Latvia. The theme song of Big Clean-up Day - Tumša Nakte, Zaļa Zāle (The Dark Night, the Green Grass) was selected during the meeting.

Andris Bērziņš, the President of Latvia and the patron of Big Clean-up Day: "The countryside of Latvia has become tidier, but there is much left to do in the towns and more attention must be paid to tidying the towns and town centres. Cleaning up must be performed together in order to exchange thoughts and ideas regarding the kind of clean and green Latvia we would like to see. It is important to ensure that the future Latvia is not only green, but has inhabitants."

 Guntis Rāvis, Chairman of the Management Board of Skonto Būve "Skonto Būve participates in Big Clean-up Day with a great feeling of satisfaction, however, it would be much more pleasant if we did not have to support waste collection. We would be happier to channel this energy into more creative activities, for instance, into organising and improving the environment."

The festive meeting with Andris Bērziņš, the President of Latvia and patron of Big Clean-up Day, has marked the countdown of the last 28 days before the date of Big Clean-up Day on April 21.