Has finished “Skonto Būve” sponsored competition “Baltic Hoop 2012”
Skonto Būve Sponsors the Big Cleanup Action for the Second Year
Significant restoration work carried out in the Grand Gallery of the Rundale Palace with the support of Skonto Būve
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Has finished “Skonto Būve” sponsored competition “Baltic Hoop 2012”

The international rhythmic gymnastics tournament “Baltic Hoop 2012” traditionally took place in Riga in mid-March for already the thirteenth time. This year, the tournament, attended by 102 gymnasts altogether, also marked the 65th anniversary of rhythmic gymnastics in Latvia. The competition was organised by the Latvian Gymnastics Federation in co-operation with the Education, Culture and Sports Department of the Riga City Council, financial support for the event was provided by SIA “Skonto Būve”.

Olympic Champion and multiple World and European Champion Yevgeniya Kanayeva of Russia convincingly won the individual all-around competition as well as three out of four apparatus routines, winning “Skonto Būve” cash prize of EUR 1000. Alexandra Merkulova from Russia placed second and Stanyuta Melitina from Belarus third, taking cash prizes of EUR 600 and EUR 400 respectively. Latvia’s best gymnast, Latvian Champion and Latvian Cup winner Yelizaveta Gamaleyevafinished in fifth place.

In group competition, Russian national team was victorious. The Russian team is coached by the world’s best rhythmic gymnastics coach, Irina Viner-Usmanova.

The traditional “Baltic Hoop” title of “Miss Elegance”, awarded by an artistic jury, went to Liubov Charkashyna from Belarus this year.

Participating in the competition were 102 gymnasts from 16 countries: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Israel, Bulgaria, Poland, Germany, Norway, Finland, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia and, for the first time in the “Baltic Hoop” history, Belgium and Armenia. More than 2500 spectators watched the tournament.

Latvia was represented by the country’s best gymnasts: Yelizaveta Gamaleyeva, Veronika Romanova and Anastasia Efimova.

Skonto Būve Sponsors the Big Cleanup Action for the Second Year

The organisers and supporters of the Big Cleanup Action came together at the Riga Radio and Television tower on the 19th of January to discuss processing and further development of the project. It is the second year when Skonto Būve Ltd will be one of the general sponsors of the event. 

A big part of the activities are devoted to water, which is the theme of this year’s Big Cleanup Action. The goal is not only to clean the rivers and other big watersheds from pollution, but also to spruce up their surroundings.

Vita Jaunzeme, manager of the Big Cleanup Action says: “The Big Cleanup is an action which appeals to everybody’s sense of responsibility. It does not last for just one day. People who are involved in organisation of the action have been working for it since last autumn and the Cleanup, which will take place in the spring, is just the final event of the chain. We can all live in a more beautiful and better world if everybody takes responsibility for what they do in their thoughts and deeds.” 

Juris Pētersons, Skonto Būve project leader: We are honoured to be the general sponsors of the Big Cleanup Action for the second time. This year’s theme “water” is very up-to-date as we also run other projects related to water, such as“MillionTrout Return”, “Tar Ponds’ Treatment”, and others.

This will be the fifth year when the Big Cleanup Action takes place in Latvia, but the second year when the educational and the yard landscaping projects will be run simultaneously. 

This year the Big Cleanup Action all over Latvia will take place on the 21st of April. The President of Latvia Andris Bērziņš has agreed to be the patron of the action, thus continuing the tradition started three years ago.

Read more about the project on www.talkas.lv

Significant restoration work carried out in the Grand Gallery of the Rundale Palace with the support of Skonto Būve

By 1 December this year, significant restoration work has already been carried out in the Grand Gallery of Rundale Palace using the donation granted by Skonto Būve. Rundale Palace is the greatest Baroque and Rococo art monument in Latvia.

The western wall of the room has undergone artistic restoration of three painted bays and three decorative areas. The restoration of a gravely damaged painting in the third bay has begun. The southern wall has undergone restoration of the painted areas on the eastern and western sides of the door. On the eastern wall, restoration works have been carried out in the first and second window boxes, reinforcing the layers of paint and primer and partially retouching the painting.

More complex artistic retouching work was done by three certified monumental painting restorers from the IRU (individual restoration company) Rokajs. These restorers have extensive experience in restoring ceiling domes and wall paintings in the most luxurious halls and rooms of Rundale Palace. For educational purposes, five of the best students of the Latvian Academy of Arts Faculty of Restoration (according to their teachers’ assessment) were also involved in the restoration of the Grand Gallery monumental paintings, with the approval of the administration of the Rundale Palace Museum.

Restoration of the third bay painting with elements of reconstruction is still to be completed by 1 June 2012, as is the restoration of paintings of two window boxes in the eastern wall.

During the second construction period of the Palace, the Grand Gallery was made from five small rooms into a 30 m long dining room connecting the White Hall and the Golden Hall.


Full version of the acknowledgment: For the contribution of SIA Skonto Būve in the renovation of Rundāle Palace