2nd Stage of Construction of the Southern Bridge: Slāvu junction
Customer: City Council Traffic Department
Designers: Juris Mārtiņš Leikarts, JSC "Ceļuprojekts"
Project implementation period: 09.2008.-06.2011.

During the construction of Phase 2 of the Southern Bridge or construction of the Slavu magistral traffic interchange structures, a construction of three levels of overpasses instead of the Slavu roundabout and reconstruction of Slavu railway bridge was performed.

In order to prevent blocking transport flow during the reconstruction, a new four-lane overpass was built first.After completion thereof and diverting the traffic flow, the existing Slavu overpass was dismantled and construction of the new overpass was commenced.Construction of the three level interchange of Slavu roundabout was performed simultaneously.

As a result of the construction of the Slavu magistral interchange, one of the most heavily loaded transport junctions of the city was relieved.