Design and Construction of Oil Products Wharf and Access Roads in Rīnuži, Port of Riga
Customer: Port of Riga
Designers: Jūras Projekts Ltd.
Project implementation period: 05.1999. - 03.2000.

The wharf of the Port of Riga oil terminal in Rīnuži is constructed as an “anchored bulwark” with facade wall and anchor wall made of Larsen V metal sheet piles.

The construction is held together by anchors ų 70 between the facade wall and anchor wall. Following the sheet piling and anchoring, the structure of the wharf was filled with sand and covered with a concrete superstructure using hydrotechnical concrete. This wharf is intended as a pumping station for water curtain and foam line.

A water purification plant and rainwater drainage has also been constructed in the wharf area.