Construction of Buļļupe Wharf for the Naval Forces at Daugavgrīva Port
Customer: Defence Property State Agency
Designers: Jūras Projekts Ltd.
Project implementation period: 10.2004. - 09.2006.
Adress: 6/8 Flotes Street, Riga


A new wharf has been built on the Buļļupe at the Naval Forces’ base at Daugavgrīva Port. Its length is 315 metres, construction area 1.84 ha and it includes a guard post, utility building, power transformer substations, and power unit building.


The project works included deepening of the Buļļupe water zone, installation of public utility networks (power, external networks, plumbing, water, telephone and optical cables), video surveillance, construction of lampposts, fencing, roads and squares, improvement of territory and planting of greenery.


The Buļļupe Wharf was built by the contractual partnership BMGS-S consisting of combined resources of Skonto Būve Ltd. and JSC BMGS.