Construction of Two Nine-Storey Buildings on Brantkalna Street, Riga
Customer: Rīgas pilsētbūvnieks Ltd.
Designers: Arhitekta J.Pogas birojs Ltd.
Project implementation period: 2006. - 2008.
Adress: Brantkalna Street, Riga

Under this project, two nine-storey apartment blocks, consisting of three sections each, with the total area of 7505 m2 have been built.

The foundation of both buildings is based on monolithic concrete slab, the bearing walls and floor slab panels are made of monolithic concrete and the external walls are executed in aerated clay concrete blocks and monolithic concrete with external thermoinsulation.


Roofs are made of monolithic reinforced concrete with thermal insulation, PVC windows have been installed. The buildings have been equipped with up-to-date public utilities installations and full modern interior decoration.