Design and Construction of Multi-Storey Apartment Blocks on Ulbrokas Street
Customer: Rīgas pilsētbūvnieks Ltd.
Designers: Skonto Būve Ltd.
Project implementation period: 2008. - 2011.
Adress: Ulbrokas Street

Five municipality-owned multi-storey residential buildings have been built at 13 Ulbokas Street, Riga, in total housing 792 apartments arranged in the five 12-story residential buildings of the complex, with 288 single room apartments, 288 two-room apartments, 120 apartments with three rooms and 96 four-room apartments. The residential complex also contains a multi-storey parking lot with places for 681 cars.

The construction of the complex was arranged in two stages. Within the first stage the construction, which lasted from January 2010 to January 2011, three residential buildings were built, consisting of the first 480 apartments of the planned 792. Simultaneously, with the 1st construction stage, the 2nd stage was also launched in which the multi-story parking lot with spaces for 681 cars (the construction period from August 2010 to February 2011) and two multi-story residential buildings with 312 apartments were constructed (the construction period from July 2010 to July 2011).

The foundation structure is comprised of bored piles joined with cast-in reinforced concrete latticework. The load-bearing walls and ceilings are cast-in reinforced concrete while the external walls are self-supporting reinforced concrete sandwich panels. The roofs are cast-in reinforced concrete with insulation; windows are double-glazed with PVC frames.

The buildings have modern engineering systems, fire detection alarm and smoke vent, as well as a full interior finish corresponding to modern requirements. 

The object in figures:
Area of the plot of land 36 504 m2;
Building area 9 544 m2;
Cubical content of residential buildings 176 412 m3;
Cubical content of the parking lot 44 976 m3;
Total area of residential buildings 52 158.51 m2;
Total area of the parking lot 17 871.7 m2