Dreiliņi Residential District Building No. 9, 24 Dzilnas Street, Riga
Customer: Rīgas pilsētbūvnieks Ltd.
Designers: Arhitekta J.Pogas birojs Ltd.
Project implementation period: 06.2004. - 11.2004.
Adress: Dzilnas Street, Riga

The construction works at the Building No. 9 of the Dreiliņi-2 residential district at 24 Dzilnas Street in Riga were resumed in July 2004 after more than 10 years of standstill.

The works included laying hydroinsulation for roof construction, thermoinsulation and decoration of facade, construction of public utility installations and interior decoration.

As a result, as early as November, the nine-storey building with 72 apartments fully meeting the modern quality and use requirements was ready for commissioning.