Bolderaja 2 freight railway station and connecting railway to Krievu sala terminals
Customer: VAS “Latvijas Dzelzceļš”
Designers: AS "Ceļuprojekts"
Project implementation period: 02.2013. - 11.2015.
Adress: Riga, Apakšgrāvja Street 15

Bolderaja 2 freight railway station and connecting railway to Krievu sala terminals project was carried out by PS “BMGS S” which is a general partnership between two construction companies SIA “Skonto Būve” and AS “BMGS”. The contract was closed according to FIDIC Plant and Design-Build Contract in January 2013. The scope of the contract included surveying (topographical, geotechnical), design, construction and commissioning. The project consists of a station park and ~3km railway line to Krievu sala terminals. Station park consists of 8 newly constructed tracks, station buildings, 9 bridges over Hapaka channel, infrastructure (roads, railway crossings, electricity, water, sewage, lightning, drainage, emergency firefighting system etc.). The railway line to Krievu sala includes ~3km railroad on sand embankment with height up to 11 meters, 2 2,4m culverts in Hapaka channel, reconstruction of 2 dn 1400mm pressurized sewerage pipes, overpass over Daugavgrivas street, overpass over existing railway line, bridge over Beķera channel.

The main function or Bolderaja 2 station is to include Krievu sala new harbor terminals in main rail network, thus allowing more freight to be loaded/unloaded further from Riga city centre.

As the station is located in area with soft soils, one of the biggest challenges was to perform soil consolidation controlled and within the time frame of the project. Technical design, which was developed based on vast geotechnical survey, involved use of innovative technologies. Innovative technologies included installation of more than 5000 vibrated sand columns (with depth up to 20m), almost 100km of prefabricated vertical drains (with depth up to 24 meters) and use of high strength geogrids.

The project included construction of:

~11.3km newly built railway track;

Two d=2,4m culverts in Hapaka channel;

Three span overpass over Daugavgrivas street;

Overpass over existing railway line;

9 bridges over Hapaka channel;

5 service buildings;


~5km of water supply network;

~4km of power cable lines;

>320 000 m3 of sand embankment;

>3km of road


Project was carried out according to time frame and within the budget.

Project value – 41, 2 mlj EUR