Reconstruction of Brīvības Street (between R. Blaumaņa Street and Neretas Street) in Jēkabpils
Customer: Jēkabpils City Council
Designers: Ltd. “SKA projects”
Project implementation period: 05.2011. - 09.2012.
Adress: Brīvības Street, Jēkabpils City, Latvia
The following construction works were carried out during the Project:
Street reconstruction of 3,484 km which includes
Construction of subgrade entrenchment/embankment 34 935m3;
Construction of freeze proof layer 17 413m3;
Construction of dolomite fraction base of 54 357m2;
Construction of asphalt concrete pavement of 27 266m2;
Construction of cobblestone pavement of 20 435m2;
Greening of 11 598m2;
Construction of concrete curbs – 15 835m;
Installation of traffic organisation hardware;
Low-voltage ECL – 6960m;
VST – 10 330m;
Lighting – 4 520m;
Rain water and sewage – 3.0 km;
Water and Sewage Network – 460 m;
Water supply – 1730 m.