Renovation of Riga Thermal Power Station TEC-2. The second new block
Designers: Empresarios Agrupados (Spain) and SEP JSC Siltumelektro projekts
Project implementation period: 10.2010. -09.2013.
Adress: Acone, Salaspils region, Granīta Street 31

Skonto Būve was involved in the TEC-2 renovation project from the very beginning with the building site preparation works in autumn 2010. The first works carried out were the construction of temporary utility networks, roads, fencing and security posts and area improvement.

The ground-work phase included driving piles, laying reinforced concrete pile beams and the foundation for the Turbine and Generator Building which houses the Gas Turbine and Steam Turbine.

The general construction works by Skonto Būve included: slab foundation concrete pouring (including high-precision ones), Gas Turbine foundation and Steam Turbine base concrete pouring (total concrete volume 15,800 m3);

Assembly of metal structures and fireproof painting (total weight of metal structures: 5,300 tonnes); exterior decoration with Slovenian-produced sandwich panels that also provide heat insulation (total area exceeded 28,000 m2); interior decoration.

Internal asphalt concrete road network with an employee car park was built as part of the area improvement works.

Skonto Būve built a total of 9 buildings for the thermal power plant with a total area exceeding 10,000 m2 and 5 external utility communication systems with a length exceeding 10 km:

  • Turbine and generator building;
  • Steam processing boiler building;
  • Auxiliary boiler building;
  • Gas compressor building;
  • Water processing building;
  • Cooling tower building;
  • Cooling pump station;
  • Water treatment plant;
  • Power equipment management and office building.

External utility network systems:

  • Construction of drainage systems for oil-containing and oil-free wastewater;
  • Construction of rainwater drainage system;
  • Construction of firefighting mains system;
  • Assembly of process water circulation pipelines;
  • Construction of external earth loop.