Construction of a gas desiccation plant at Inčukalns underground gas storage station No. 1
Customer: JSC Latvijas Gāze
Designers: Olimps Ltd.
Project implementation period: 06.2010.- 03.2012.
Adress: Inčukalns underground gas storage facility, Ragana, Krimulda parish, Krimulda region

The project included the construction of a gas desiccation plant to prevent hydrants forming in the gas flow, to separate water and methanol vapours from the natural gas removed from the underground storage facility before transporting it through the pipeline, based on the principle of diethylene glycol (DEG) absorbing water vapour.

Key objects of the gas desiccation plant:

  • Supervision and control unit-box;
  • DEG contact columns (2 pcs.);
  • DEG flush and purification filter unit;
  • DEG regeneration unit;
  • Gas/drainage liquid separator with pumps;
  • Underground DEG drainage tank;
  • DEG storage tank with pumps;
  • Drainage liquid tank with pumps;
  • Pipeline scaffolding;
  • Gas collection point No. 1 candle flare area.

The construction included the installation of the process equipment supplied by the Customer and its connection to the existing and new infrastructure, the complete launch of the object, setup and commissioning.