Authorities of Riga City Council Visit the Complex of Residential Buildings at Ulbrokas iela



Chairman of Riga City Council Nils Ušakovs, Vice-Major of the Council Andris Ameriks and Chairman of the Committee of Housing and Environment Vjačeslavs Stepaņenko visited the complex of residential buildings at Ulbrokas iela 13, in Pļavnieki, which is currently under construction to evaluate the process of the construction works. The construction works at the object are being executed by  "Skonto Būve" Ltd.

At Ulbrokas iela 13 five municipality multi-storey residential buildings are being constructed, in which the total of 800 apartments will be located. The first three residential buildings with 480 apartments are planned to be completed by the end of this year, but the other two buildings with 312 apartments will be commissioned for exploitation by 30 July next year. Construction of a car park has begun at the object, which will provide parking spaces for 685 cars.

In the TOP 500 of Dienas Bizness: "Skonto Būve" is the Leader in the Construction Field



According to the TOP 500 of Dienas Bizness, "Skonto Būve" Ltd. is the leading construction sector company in Latvia.
Furthermore, "Skonto Būve" Ltd. has maintained its leader position among the top construction companies, increasing its turnover by 29.41% within a year. In 2009 the company turnover was 78.26 million lats, but the profit has reached 4.32 million lats.
“During 15 years we have managed to strengthen our positions in the Latvian market. "Skonto Būve" Ltd. plays a significant role in the development of the state and municipality infrastructures,” comments Guntis Rāvis, Chairman of "Skonto Būve" Ltd. Board. He says that currently the main company market is located in Latvia, but last year and also this year serious work has been devoted to being able to execute tasks abroad: “We are researching the market and looking for options while being aware of the fact that it is a great challenge, a great risk and a huge responsibility to work aboard as the general contractor!”

Nils Ušakovs is Introduced to the 2nd and 3rd Stages of the Southern Bridge Construction Process


Chairman of Riga City Council Nils Ušakovs was introduced to the 2nd and 3rd stages of the Southern Bridge construction process, executed by the construction company "Transport Systems" and its largest construction company in Latvia - "Skonto Būve" Ltd..

Guntis Rāvis stated that construction works of the Southern Bridge 2nd stage on the right bank of the Daugava River will be finished according to schedule on 1 June 2011, and that even within the next few days the new overpass will be opened for traffic, and that construction works of the railroad overpass are coming to a close as well. Currently more than 70% of all construction works of the Southern Bridge 2nd stage or Slāvu main road transport junction have been completed.

Chairman of Riga City Council Nils Ušakovs declared that the delayed construction works of the Southern Bridge are planned to be resumed after receiving the necessary funding at the beginning of the next year.

Functional Design Award Design Springboard Has Been Announced



To find the design forms characteristic to Latvia, to promote implementation of creative ideas in real life and to create new export products, Guntis Rāvis, "Skonto Plan Ltd" and Promotional Foundation for the Visual Arts have announced the functional design award Design Springboard.

Within the competition, students and field professionals are invited to create design ideas for stainless steel objects. Authors of the best works will receive significant money prizes and a possibility to create long-term cooperation with the production company – "Skonto Plan" will include in the plant production the most valuable ideas with the potential to conquer Latvian and foreign markets.

TOP 101 of the Most Valuable Enterprises: "Skonto būve" – the Most Valuable Construction Company in Latvia


SIA "Skonto būve", in the TOP 101 of the most valuable enterprises prepared by magazine Kapitāls, is named as the most valuable company in the construction field and is listed in position 25 of the total evaluation of the most valuable enterprises.

Within one year the company’s assets have increased by 106%, and in 2010 the magazine  Kapitāls has totalled them to 59.38 million lats.

“During 15 years "Skonto būve" has managed to strengthen its positions in the Latvian market, the company plays a significant role in the development of state and municipal infrastructures. Besides, we devote serious work to conquering the markets outside the borders of Latvia,” the increased company assets are commented on by "Skonto būve" Board Member Guntis Rāvis.