Skonto Būve performs preparatory works for the construction of the Origo shopping centre.


Skonto Būve has started preparations for the construction of the expansion project of Origo shopping centre.  

Soon, the reconstruction of separate main communication lines will be performed, test piles will be installed, as well as other works related to the preparation of the construction site will be performed.

The project plans to expand Origo’s area more than twice. An underground parking lot will be available in the new Origo business centre. Trade premises will be located in the first three floors, but from the fourth to the sixth floor, there will be an area of 11,500 square meters for office premises.

The Customer is the shopping centre developer and manager Linstow Center Management.

The new block of Stradiņš Hospital has been officially opened.


On Thursday, 1 June at 11:00, the new block of Pauls Stradiņš Clinical University Hospital was officially opened.

As a part of the general partnership SBRE, SIA Skonto Būve preformed the 1st round designing, design supervision and construction works, as well as delivery and setup of the in-built facilities of the A block of the Stradiņš hospital.

In seven surface floors of the medical block, the outpatient and inpatient treatment will be assured. In the premises, there is a policlinic, diagnostic radiology, planned patient admission, laboratory, procedure rooms, as well as Urology, Endocrinology, Rheumatology, Otorhinolaryngology, Nephrology (kidney diseases), Gastroenterology and Endoscopy departments. As of 1 June, the patients will be able to receive consultations in the new premises of policlinic.


The reconstructed BMW Centre in Riga, Dārzciema iela 64a, was opened on 11 May in an official event. Reconstruction of the building started on February 2016; the existing BMW Centre was rebuilt and new premises have received additional 1600 m2 of space. The customer admits that reconstruction of the building has been performed in accordance with the highest BMW standards. Now, the Car Centre is placed on three floors with total area of 8288 m2; it is replenished by glass elements on which the story of BMW’s history is told from the very beginning, starting with year 1916.

The building has gained a new, modern look and additional functionality.

A festive commemoration was held in honour of starting the construction of the Orthodox Church of the Lady of Kazan Icon


Skonto Būve has started working on the construction of the Orthodox Church of the Lady of Kazan Icon in Jūrmala, Dzintari. A festive commemoration was held on 28 April of the present year in honour of starting the construction. It is planned to finish the construction of the church on September 2018.

“The Orthodox Church in Dzintari has had a rough past and we are now witnessing a historical moment - thanks to efforts of many involved parties, the church is being restored. Construction laws that are around thousand years old must be followed during its construction, and the old traditions must be carefully obliged. I was really engaged in the restoration of the Nativity of Christ Cathedral in Riga and now I would really like to help to create another church,” Guntis Rāvis, Chairman of the Skonto Būve Council said during the event.

The foundation stone of theChurch of the Lady of Kazan Icon was put in Dzintari (Edinburg) on 18 July 1894, its construction was mostly funded by donations. On 23 June 1986, the newly built Church of Edinburg was consecrated in honour of the Icon of the Lady of Kazan. In 1962, the Church of the Lady of Kazan Icon, which remained undamaged after two world wars was barbarically destroyed in one day and removed from Earth’s surface with bulldozers. This sacred place was empty for a long time.

In 2010, the Church Congregation was renewed in Dzintari and ministrations were started again. Already in 2013, in the soon-to-be place of the altar of the Church of the Lady of Kazan Icon, an Eight-pointed Cross was installed, but in the foundation of the altar wall, a foundation stone with an image of an eight-pointed cross was put. A commemoration article in Latvian and Russian was built in the foundations of the church. The project of the architect Didzis Krūmiņš requires special skills during construction - formation of bricked vaults, domes, arches and the rest of the finishing in accordance with the Canons of the OrthodoxChurch.

Skonto Būve is launching the construction of the Dzintari Church of the Lady of Kazan Icon

Skonto Būve has started working on the construction of the Dzintari Orthodox Church of the Lady of Kazan Icon in Jūrmala It is planned to put the object into operation on September 2018. The project is rather complicated, especially in relation to stone building works, as stone arches, domes, vaults and the finishing must be built in accordance with the canons of the Orthodox church. All the necessary communications will also be installed in the church in order to conform with all the necessary security requirements. Customer of the project - Dzintari Orthodox Church of the Lady of Kazan Icon