New SFRS Depot building to be built


The construction company Skonto Būve has commenced construction of the new State Fire and Rescue Service Depot building in Riga, on Jaunpils Street. The total building development area comprises 1, 537m2. The building will accommodate operative service garages with their maintenance premises, duty shift staff premises and administrative service premises.

The new Deport building will provide employees with modern working premises that meet sanitary, hygiene, technical and safety requirements. Environmental accessibility and the necessary number of car parks will be ensured as well.

It is expected that the entire territory will be arranged, establishing car parks for employees, visitors and operative vehicles, as well as bicycle stands. The lawn in the free territory will be arranged with bushes, trees and flowers. The recreational areas will be arranged as well. Flag posts will be erected on the lawn by the main entrance.            

Within the project it is also planned to establish the road connection with Kārļa Ulmaņa Avenue, which would ensure more rapid set-off of operative vehicles in the required direction.

It is expected that the project will be completed by the end of September 2018.

The team of Skonto Grupa wins 3rd place in the biking competition “Bānīša kauss 2017 jeb Apsteidz tvaiku!”


Last weekend, on 26 August in Gulbene, a biking competition “Bānīša kauss 2017 jeb Apsteidz tvaiku!” was held, the goal of which was to find out which is faster - a steam train or a bike. The team of Skonto Grupa won 3rd place in the team race.  Congratulations to our colleagues!

This competition helped to promote unique historical heritage - the 33 km long narrow gauge railroad between Gulbene and Alūksne, as well as a healthy lifestyle and exciting leisure activities. The narrow gauge railroad locomotive goes from Gulbene to Alūksne in 1.45 hours. During the competition, the bikers started their journey along with the steam locomotive “Ferdinands”, in order to find out how long it takes to finish the Gulbene-Alūksne route.

Skonto Būve will reconstruct the sanatorium building, making it into a bright and modern guest house


Skonto Būve has started works on reconstruction of the sanatorium building in Jūrmala, Ērgļu iela 2 into a guest house. The project includes reconstruction of the existing building, which was built in 1975 as a sanatorium building, into a guest house. The sanatorium building was empty for many years and it will now get a fresh look — a fancy architecture solution, thus becoming a modern guest house in Jūrmala seaside dune zone. Specialists appreciate both visual solution and functionality of the building. 

Height of the building will be 12 m — 3.5 floors. Total area of the building — 4700 m2. New connections to all main engineering networks communications and a new street lighting is planned in the project as well.

The new guest house will also be supplemented by a pool with a special glass roof that can be opened, therefore, in case of good weather, the visitors of the pool will be able to swim and enjoy sun in open-air.

It is planned to build a parking space in the basement floor of the building.

Within the project it is also planned to reconstruct the historical pedestrian bridge uniting the dune across Ērgļu iela and to improve the surrounding territory and green zone.  

The design of the building was developed by the French architects’ group Sarl Ciel Rouge Creation and it was adapted in Latvia by MA Design. For development of technical solutions, Italian architect Fabrizio Gallinaro was invited. 

Customer of the project: SIA SEAGULL INVESTMENTS. It is planned to finish the works in 2018.

Employees of Skonto Būve participate in the SEB MTB mountain bike race series


Employees of Skonto Būve participate in the SEB MTB mountain bike race series, thus not only gaining positive emotions, but also promoting their fighting spirit and encouraging them to strive for better results.


The first SEB MTB race was held in 1997 in Smiltene. In 20 years it has become one of the most popular annual sports events. The marathon takes place in seven Latvian towns - participants can choose between 4 distances across rugged terrain. More than 2000 participants take part in each stage, which makes SEB MTB Marathon one of the largest series of MTB marathons in Europe.

Skonto Būve will carry out the first stage of the construction work for the Riga Business Garden project.


Skonto Būve is starting the Riga Business Garden project with the construction of two office buildings. This is the project’s first stage, which consists of the construction of two buildings with an overall lettable area of 14 230 m2. It also includes the construction of a car park and a landscaped garden.

The Riga Business Garden will be a modern office complex, consisting of several buildings and offering 70 000 m2 of modern and efficient office space.

The complex boasts an outstanding location on K. Ulmaņa Street, in front of the crossroads with Lielirbes Street, providing easy and quick access to both the city centre and the airport, as well as excellent visibility from the main city roads.

The expected completion date is at the beginning of 2019. Contracting entity: SIA Vastint Latvia.