Modernisation project of the commercial premises of RIGA International Airport
Customer: Riga Airport Commercial Development
Designers: Architectural Practice „ARHIS”
Project implementation period: 03.2011. - 12.2011.
Adress: Riga Airport 10/1, Riga Airport, Marupe district

The simplified reconstruction project of the commercial premises of SJSC RIGA International Airport was implemented with the objective to perform the reconstruction of the terminal building in the area of across the border of the first and second floor, a total area of 2200 m2.  In these areas, duty free shops the typical for airports were constructed with a range of perfume, cosmetics, beverage, clothing and accessories, the cafeteria and outdoor terrace was also built.

The changes made and reconstruction did not functionally affect the utilities related to the use of the whole building (existing engineering risers, major wiring etc.), while new utilities were installed in all constructed commercial areas, such as ventilations, air cooling, heating, water supply and sewerage systems.

The constructed solutions partly influenced the bearing construction, but it did not affect the stability of it. The change of covering under the outdoor terrace and the indoor area of the cafeteria was performed as well as the current part of the facade was changed and supplemented in this area.

All works were performed and organised without interrupting and significantly affecting the daily work of the airport.