Reconstruction of Āgenskalns State Gymnasium Riga
Customer: Capital Construction Board under the City Development Department of Riga City Council
Designers: Brīnišķo projektu birojs Ltd.
Project implementation period: 08.2000.-08.2002.
Adress: 2a Lavīzes Street, Riga

The reconstruction of Āgenskalns State Gymnasium was carried out with great attention to the historical appearance of the facade, layout of rooms, decoration of walls and ceiling, and even included the restoration of vintage furniture in certain rooms.

The restoration of the historical appearance was successfully combined with advanced technology and modern requirements, for example, the library was built on two levels, utilising the high ceiling of the school. The problem of cramped dining rooms was solved by fully reconstructing the canteen and rebuilding it on three levels.


A new, fully contemporary and up-to-date building featuring a large sports hall has been built next to the old school and both buildings are connected by a passage. Improvements to the school yard include a football pitch, tennis courts, and a running track, while maximally retaining the growing trees and restoring the historical fountain.


After its commissioning, the school is one of the largest and most advanced education facilities on the left bank of the Daugava.