Reconstruction of the Building of the Freeport of Riga Authority
Customer: Freeport of Riga
Designers: NAMS Ltd.
Project implementation period: 08.1999. - 10.2000.
Adress: 12 Kalpaka Boulevard, Riga

Construction of the administrative service building for the Freeport of Riga Authority by means of rebuilding the former restaurant “Ainava” in Kronvalds Park.

To enhance the appeal of the building, an open hall comprising all floors has been constructed inside. Its wall and roof facing the canal are fully made of glass. On the channel side, next to the existing terraces, there is a suspended footbridge which can be used by pedestrians and for berthing boats.

There is a car park below ground level with a terrace for a summer cafe and public events above it. The new visual image of the building with added volumes on the side of the park and channel creates a dynamic impression and conjures up associations with the sea.