Reconstruction of the State Ltd. Pauls Stradins’ Clinical University Hospital’s 8th corpus into the premises of Medical Technology Department
Customer: Paula Stradiņa Klīniskā universitātes slimnīca
Designers: Ltd. Arhitekti Pētersoni I.A.
Project implementation period: 01.2011. - 09.2011.
Adress: 13 Pilsoņu Street, Riga, LV-1002

On January 25, 2011, an agreement was concluded between the State Ltd. Pauls Stradiņš Clinical University Hospital and Skonto Būve Ltd., according to which Skonto Būve Ltd. carried out the reconstruction of the Hospital’s 8th block into the premises of Medical Technology Department in compliance with the regulations and deadlines established by this contract and legislation, and according to the technical design, building standards and the current standards of the Republic of Latvia.

The site is located in the territory of Āgenskalns.The historicbuilding complex, built in 1910 according to the project of architect Reinhold Georg Schmaelingisa national architectural monument. The hospital’s 8th block to be reconstructed is one of the buildings located in this complex. The total area of the storeys: 807.09 m2.

Demolition works, roof insulation and cover-up works, the roof-bearing structure construction works, covering concreting works, reconstruction of the building’s floors, construction of the attic area, expansion of the rooms according to the planned function of the building, installation of new wooden windows, completion of the facade works, building of new stairs, construction of the internal plasterboard walls and installation of the engineering communication system have been carried out within the contract.