Works continue in Riga Motor Museum


In May 2013 the reconstruction of Riga Motor Museum was commenced in order to broaden the exposition space as much as possible, create a convenient and modern organisation of the entry and flow of visitors and make the museum available to all its visitors, especially with regard to disabled people. Project solutions envisage maintaining the historic form and functional scheme of the building as much as possible, while improving energy efficiency. Up to now we have finished the renovation works of the energy efficiency and visual appearance of the facades, made structural reinforcements, finished the construction of new engineering communications and finished the construction of a new staircase with an elevator, which will connect all the floors of the building thus making it much more accessible for disabled people. The room layout construction, interior decoration and engineering communication construction works are being continued, and the improvement of the territory is also underway. Construction works in the building have taken place in an area of more than 7000 m2, and the area to be improved is over 8000 m2.

Next to the Motor Museum building a new CSDD service centre is being built. This 5-storey building with modern façade and interior solutions with an area of 2500 m2, will be the home of the CSDD customer service centre and the office premises for CSDD employees.

“Skonto Būve” team takes part in the Nordea Riga Marathon


Running the Nordea Riga Marathon has already become a tradition with the employees of “Skonto Būve”. This year “Skonto Būve” was represented by 29 participants: 10 ladies and 19 gentlemen. Two of the “Skonto Būve” team members ran the marathon distance, twelve ran the half marathon, eight ran 10 kilometres, and seven members conquered the 5 kilometre distance.

The Nordea Riga Marathon is the most prestigious running competition in Northern Europe. The various distances of the Nordea Riga Marathon were ran by a total of 23 193 participants from 61 countries. Athletes from the super states of running – Kenya, Ethiopia, the USA and Japan – triumphed at the marathon.

Skonto Būve Project Manager among the Best Latvian Project Managers


One of the leading Skonto Būve project managers Egils Klēbergs has claimed third place in the nomination for the Best Project Manager 2013.

E. Klēbergs’ considerable experience in the construction industry has guaranteed the successful implementation of even the most difficult projects. The Best Construction Engineer in Latvia competition took account of both E. Klēbergs’ 27-year experience in the construction industry, 18 of which have been spent among Skonto Būve professionals, and projects implemented by him last year.

In 2013, the largest liquid crystal display factory in Europe was built in Ventspils under the guidance of E. Klēbergs. Taking into consideration that the factory produces high technology products, the “clean room” area of 1,800 square metres, which is almost half of the total area of the factory, was built in the factory.

Kado Karim exclusive apartment buildings in Jūrmala, also built under the guidance of E. Klēbergs, are in turn the only global project in Latvia where the smart city concept has been applied in Eastern Europe.

The Best Construction Engineer in Latvia competition is an event organised by the journal Latvijas Būvniecība together with the professional construction associations and it has taken place for the sixth time already.

The Traditional “Riga Rooster’s Christmas Tree” – holiday greetings from “Skonto Būve”


As the New Year of 2014 approaches, “Skonto Būve” continues its tradition of previous years and sends Winter Holiday greetings to residents of Riga and all visitors, by presenting Riga Rooster’s Christmas tree, decorated in Latvian folk motifs. This year the visual design of the Christmas tree was inspired by ornaments of Lielvarde’s belt – the most typical and important example of Latvian lifestyle and the language of symbols. The belt represents wisdom, happiness and prosperity and this is what “Skonto Būve” wishes to all residents of Riga and its visitors.

Since 2008, “Skonto Būve” has presented a gorgeous Christmas tree as a holiday gift to Riga, its people and visitors, by placing it in the very centre of the capital – at the intersection of Elizabetes Street and Brivibas Boulevard.

Themes for Christmas tree decorations vary from year to year, but Riga’s Rooster on the top of the Christmas tree remains a constant value for the fourth season running, being the origin for the name of this fir tree – “Riga Rooster’s Christmas tree”.

“Skonto Būve” will construct a water supply and sewerage system in Bolderāja, Riga


Continuing the development of the waterworks system projects in Riga, SIA Rīgas Ūdens, Riga City Council and Skonto Būve has signed a cooperation agreement for the construction of a water supply and sewerage system in Bolderājā.

The project involves the construction of a water-main and sewerage system of approximately 8 km covering 33 streets. The project will result in the connection of 290 buildings to the centralised water supply, thus “Skonto Būve” will provide an opportunity for 960 people to receive clean and high quality water.

After the official signing of the cooperation agreement, Riga Vice Mayor Andris Ameriks emphasised that the aim of the project is to make the city infrastructure accessible to all residents of Riga and to make the connection to the centralised water supply system available.

Dagnija Kalnina, Chair of “Rīgas Ūdens”, acknowledged that the previous experience of “Skonto Būve” in the construction of the water supply and sewerage system in the direction of Mārupe will also ensure quality and rapid progress of the project.

Maris Kvite, board member of “Skonto Būve”, expressed his satisfaction with the works and noted that the quality of the waterworks system also means environmental responsibility, which is one of the driving motives of “Skonto Būve”.