State President Valdis Zatlers and “Skonto Būve” Urge the Residents to „Lielā Talka”


On Monday, 11 April at the University of Latvia Hall “Lielā Aula” “Skonto Būve” Ltd together with the Patron of the „Lielā Talka”, State President Valdis Zatlers participated in the meeting of the cleanup coordinators and urged all the residents of Latvia to participate in the „Lielā Talka” on 30 April, the goal of which is to make Latvia the cleanest country in the world.

State President Valdis Zatlers acknowledged: “It gives me joy to take part in the „Lielā Talka”, because I love our beautiful land and my beautiful native town. The „Lielā Talka” days are days, when we all work together and in particular this cooperation between people is what we need, in order for our nation and country to gain strength and become happier. ”

Ilona Bušmane, board member of “Skonto Būve” urged people to be environmentally responsible and to take part in the „Lielā Talka”, indicating that also “Skonto Būve” will try to set an example by participating in the Cleanup, by cleaning the legacy of the soviet times – the goudron ponds and also by launching a major nature resources restoration project this year. 

Preparations for gilding The Cathedral bell tower cupola have started


Construction work has been restarted in the Riga Nativity Orthodox Cathedral, part of the “SVET” project, the most far-reaching renovation project involving cultural monuments in Latvia. The first stage of the work is to prepare the surface of the bell tower cupola for gilding. Processing work on the cupola will commence at the end of April, but the gilding work is scheduled for July. During that work, experienced specialists will cover the eighty square metre surface of the bell tower cupola with golden sheets. The Cathedral’s bell tower cross cap will be replaced by a brand new one which will be similar to the caps on the Cathedral’s small towers.

The Cathedral’s renovation project is being implemented with the support of the patron of the “SVET” project and the initiator of the work, Mr Guntis Rāvis, as well as being supported by public donations. Upon the commencement of the Cathedral renovation project, Guntis Rāvis made the first donation himself, amounting to 40,000 Ls, and to date almost 2,000 Ls have been collected by means of the portal,, and the donation hotline on 9000 6288. A further 6,000 Ls are still required to perform the gilding work on the bell tower and the construction of the cross cap. People are invited to support the project by donating one Lat throughout the period of the project until its projected end in September.

Competition “Come and study at RTU” organized by RTU and “Skonto Būve” promotes enigneering sciences


To motivate young people to study engineering sciences and science subjects, Riga Technical University in cooperation with “Skonto Būve” organised a scientific research competition “Come and Study at RTU!”

From the forty-five scientific research papers submitted to the competition in the final, ten papers were presented to the jury of experts on 12 March.


The first place and prize money of 600 lats were awarded to the Tukums Rainis Gymnasium team “Smaidiņi” – Oskars Kupcš and Kristiāns Melnis, whose research was devoted to one of the wind energy utilisation devices – wind concentrator WindCube or the wind tunnel. The second place and prize money of 400 lats were awarded to Jūrmala State Gymnasium team “RFID Jūrmala” – Gints Zariņš, Māris Riņģis and Roberts Andžāns for their research “The Options of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) Technology in the Location of Objects”. But the third place and prize money of 200 lats were awarded to the Talsi State Gymnasium team “Talsu Māls” – Valts Bidzāns and Elvis Brūvers, who had developed a research project entitled “Application of Clay Granules in the Treatment of Dye Polluted Water.”

Finalists of the competition “Dizaina Tramplīns” organised by “Skonto Plan LTD” have been established


The first stage of the functional design ideas competition “Dizaina Tramplīns” organised by “Skonto Plan Ltd” has closed, and eleven finalists have been nominated for participation in the second stage.

At the end of the competition the best functional design ideas will be established. The authors of these ideas will receive valuable cash prizes, as well as an opportunity to reach an agreement with the manufacturer “Skonto Plan Ltd” about further implementation of their ideas in the new plant of non-standard metal production.

146 authors took part in the competition, submitting 172 ideas in total. The works were judged by the jury of 9 people, setting the following aspects as the judging criteria: the originality of the idea, the technological possibilities of production and the possible future demand of the product.

Competition “Dizaina Tramplīns” is organised by “Skonto Plan Ltd” in cooperation with the Promotional Foundation for the Visual Arts.

With the support of “Skonto Būve” competition “Baltijas aplis 2011” has finished


On 12 March 2011 in Riga the 12thInternational Rhythmic Gymnastics Competition "Baltijas Aplis 2011" took place. This year the competition honoured its long-term director and author of the idea, the merited master of rhythmic gymnastics, trainer Ludmila Kackalda. The competition was organized by Riga City Council Education, Culture and Sports Department with financial support from “Skonto Būve” Ltd.

After the first competition day, when the athletes competed in all-around, the first place and prize money of 1000 euros from “Skonto Būve” were awarded to Russian gymnast, World Champion of Gymnastics with RibbonDaria Dmitrieva, the second place was awarded to Belarusian gymnast Aleksandra Narkevich, and the third place was also acquired by a Russian representative– Elena Romanchenko. Both athletes also received prize money – accordingly 600 and 400 euros.


Gymnasts from 12 countries had applied for the competition, including the leading rhythmic gymnasts of Latvia, athletes from Russia, Belorussia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Estonia, Lithuania, Portugal and other countries.